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Cleaning Nabokov’s House Review
—NPR, All Things Considered


“Required Reading” —New York Post

“Leslie Daniels has created a character to root for.”—Los Angeles Times

“Blisteringly funny,” “gem-filled novel” —Minneapolis StarTribune

“This literary novel is a pleasure to read…” —RT Book Review

“The debut to watch…” —EarlyWord, The Publisher | Librarian Connection

“Refreshingly eccentric…characters live and breathe…humor, energy, wit…a delightful read.” —Library Journal

“Quirky fun…” —Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Fine company—blunt, mordantly funny…a winning combination of ruthlessness and warmth.” —Kirkus

“Richly detailed…a pleasure to read.” —Publishers Weekly

Selected as an Indie Pick – “Great Reads from Booksellers You Trust”—for March 2011.

“The pleasures of the novel unfold in a series of tantalizing, laugh-out-loud twists. The portrayals are as heartrending as the writing is dead-on funny.”—Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander

“An emotional spring tonic for everyone who longs for love.”—Carolyn See, author of Making a Literary Life

“Cleaning Nabokov’s House is original and compelling, the sort of book that keeps a reader on her toes – wildly funny one minute and profoundly sober the next. The protagonist is delightful, the plot a marvelous weave of sex, food, money, and motherhood. Every page a joy.”—Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austen Book Club

“You will meet one of the most engaging and caustic heroines in contemporary fiction… You are going to love this woman—and this book.”—Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

“Leslie Daniels’ voice is so fresh and funny, so disarmingly appealing that at first you might not notice the deeper undercurrents of tenderness, pain, and hard-earned wisdom running through Cleaning Nabokov’s House. This beautifully written story of a divorcee struggling to rebuild her life and reclaim her children is a comedy of small tragedies, a front-line dispatch from the war between the sexes, and a story of unexpected love.”—Mark Childress, author of Georgia Bottoms and Crazy in Alabama

“Who among us has not let go of the reins of our lives and found ourselves in the ditch? How to get out? Leslie Daniel’s smart, funny, sad, determined novel helps, and it’s compellingly entertaining to boot. A fresh, original voice speaks from this book. Read it and wake up to a brave new world.”  —Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab’s Wife and Adam & Eve

“Cleaning Nabokov’s House is hilarious and sexy, with pleasures on every page for the intellect, the heart, and the palate.”—J. Robert Lennon, author of Mailman and Castle

“There is not a false note or flat phrase anywhere in this surprising, moving, sexy and very, very funny book.”—Jeffrey Kluger, author of Apollo 13

“A wonderfully original, charming, and funny novel about what to do when your world has turned upside down.”—Alison Lurie, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Foreign Affairs

“An epic comedy told in an epic new voice.”- Holiday Reinhorn, author of Big Cats
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